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Our main fields are intelligent automation, automated testing equipment and simulation software. With our combined expertise in software, hardware and simulation, we can offer a wide range of solutions to be used in small scale R&D circuit testing to big scale production testing of finished products. Our background in automation technologies give us a good foundation to offer versatile testing equipment, that have interfaces for both software and hardware.

Passion for testing

Testing is a crucial part in every products life-cycle. Old ways of manual testing are slow, error prone and often times hard to adjust as the device under test evolves. They take a lot of time to monitor and approve. With modern techniques of HIL testing and software simulation, testing sequences can be automated and reproducibility can be improved. With automation, human error and monitoring can be removed from the equation. With modern test equipment, testing becomes a process that flows with production, not against it. With our help, you can step in to the next age of testing.


Read on how we have succeeded on improving our clients processes with our solutions. We are especially proud of our latest achievement with Vahterus.

Our Services


Explore EPLAN capabilities with us at OTX Solutions. We focus on creating practical cabinet layouts, realistic 3D models, and accurate electrical drawings using advanced Eplan technology. Our approach combines technical expertise with attention to detail, ensuring reliable and efficient design solutions for your engineering needs.


CADMATIC, formerly known as CADS, stands as a cornerstone in our Electrical Design solutions. This sophisticated software accelerates the creation of intricate electrical drawings with unmatched precision. Our team leverages CADMATIC to streamline design workflows, ensuring your projects are not only efficient but also meticulously accurate. Experience the future of electrical design with CADMATIC, driving innovation and excellence in every schematic.

Industrial Expertise in Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering

At OTX Solutions, our industrial expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of instrumentation and electrical engineering. Our team brings extensive knowledge to the table, ensuring that every project benefits from our hands-on experience in industrial environments. Trust us to deliver practical, robust engineering solutions that meet the complex demands of your industry.

UL Standard Compliance & Level 2 Electrical Qualifications

Our engineering practices are meticulously aligned with UL standards, ensuring the highest safety and quality in our electrical projects. Our team boasts Level 2 Electrical Qualifications, recognized with S2 permits, demonstrating our capability to handle complex electrical systems with certified expertise.

Title: "UL Standard Compliance & Level 2 Electrical Qualifications"

"Our engineering practices are meticulously aligned with UL standards, ensuring the highest safety and quality in our electrical projects. Our team boasts Level 2 Electrical Qualifications, recognized with S2 permits, demonstrating our capability to handle complex electrical systems with certified expertise."

3D design and Printing

Unlocking Possibilities with 3D Design and Printing, our Electrical Design team pioneers innovation. We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to bring your ideas to life with precision. Our 3D designs are crafted for functionality, enabling seamless integration into your electrical systems. We provide custom solutions that optimize efficiency and elevate your electrical design projects to the next level.

Title: "UL Standard Compliance & Level 2 Electrical Qualifications"

"Our engineering practices are meticulously aligned with UL standards, ensuring the highest safety and quality in our electrical projects. Our team boasts Level 2 Electrical Qualifications, recognized with S2 permits, demonstrating our capability to handle complex electrical systems with certified expertise."

Electrical Machinery/Equipment

Expertise in Electrical Machinery/Equipment Maintenance ensures your operations stay uninterrupted and efficient. Specializing in both preventative and corrective maintenance, this service focuses on prolonging the lifespan and enhancing the performance of your electrical assets. From regular inspections to complex repairs, the approach is tailored to maintain optimal functionality and safety, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Mechanical machinery 

Our comprehensive approach spans routine upkeep, diagnostics, and complex repairs. We are committed to extending the lifespan and reliability of your mechanical equipment, minimizing downtime, and optimizing efficiency. Trust us for maintenance solutions that keep your machinery in prime condition, ready for any challenge.

Spare Part Handling and Sourcing

Efficient Spare Part Handling and Sourcing are the backbone of our maintenance strategy. We excel in sourcing and managing spare parts to keep your machinery running seamlessly. With a keen eye on cost-effectiveness and timely availability, we ensure that your operations never face unnecessary downtime due to parts unavailability. Count on us for a reliable supply chain that supports your maintenance needs.

Fault Diagnostics and Repairs

Fault Diagnostics and Repairs are the heart of our maintenance services. Our team of experts excels in swiftly identifying issues, employing advanced diagnostic tools, and delivering precise repairs. We minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations, with a commitment to efficiency and precision that sets us apart. Trust us to keep your machinery running smoothly and reliably.

Maintenance Planning and Documentation

Strategic Maintenance Planning and Documentation is our cornerstone for operational excellence. We meticulously plan and document every aspect of maintenance, from scheduling to execution. Our proactive approach ensures that your machinery is always in peak condition, reducing unforeseen downtime and increasing efficiency. Count on us to keep your maintenance strategy well-organized and highly effective.

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering expertise embodies the core of integrating and operationalizing complex technological systems. We specialize in creating and testing comprehensive hardware-in-loop (HIL) and model-in-loop systems, using tools like Simulink for seamless functionality. Our approach ensures that each component, from concept to implementation, works harmoniously within the larger system, delivering reliable and efficient solutions tailored to meet specific operational needs

Software Development and Programming

At the forefront of Software Development and Programming, we offer extensive proficiency in a diverse array of programming languages, including C#, Labview, Simulink, Matlab, C/C++, Python, and SQL. Our team is adept at full stack development, crafting sophisticated software solutions that are robust, scalable, and optimized for performance. Whether it's developing a new application or refining an existing one, our comprehensive approach addresses all phases of the software development lifecycle

Automation and Robotics

Our Automation and Robotics services revolutionize the way tasks are performed, enhancing efficiency and precision. Specializing in industrial automated testing, particularly in the automotive sector, we leverage advanced robotics and Robot Operating System (ROS) on Ubuntu for unparalleled control and automation. From conceptualizing robotic solutions to implementing robot motion control systems, our expertise ensures that every automated process is streamlined and effective

DevOps and Virtualization

In the dynamic field of DevOps and Virtualization, we excel at bridging the gap between software development and IT operations. Our expertise encompasses Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), along with proficiency in Powershell, Ansible, Docker, Ubuntu, and WSL. We specialize in creating robust virtual environments and digital twins, ensuring that our clients benefit from agile, reliable, and scalable software deployment and management solutions

Advanced Computing Technologies

Our Advanced Computing Technologies services are at the cutting edge of today's tech landscape. We harness the power of machine learning and model-based design to deliver innovative solutions. Our team is skilled in software-in-loop environment creation and excels in microservices architecture, enabling us to tackle complex computational challenges. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we provide our clients with forward-thinking solutions that drive progress and efficiency.

Simulation and Automated Testing Solutions

Revolutionizing operations with Simulation and Automated Testing Solutions, this service provides an unmatched level of accuracy and efficiency in system validation. Emphasizing predictive analysis and real-time scenario testing, it ensures optimal performance and reliability, significantly reducing risks and enhancing product development lifecycles.

Turn-Key Delivery

At OTX Solutions, we offer complete Turn-Key Delivery services, from pre-design and engineering to manufacturing, installation, and beyond. We ensure seamless transitions into operational excellence with ongoing maintenance and modernization support. Trust us for efficient, state-of-the-art industrial solutions.

Personnel and Machine Safety Automation

OTX Solutions ensures the highest safety standards in the Process Industry with advanced Personnel and Machine Safety Automation solutions. Our systems are engineered to protect your workforce and machinery, integrating cutting-edge technology for a safer, more productive industrial environment.

Process Industry

Our experts extends to specialized Process Industry sectors automation. We excel in energy generation for power plants, ensuring efficient and reliable energy supply. Our proficiency in ingredient and fuel feeding systems guarantees precise and controlled handling, optimizing your production line's performance. Trust us for advanced industry solutions where precision meets power.

Automation System Engineering

Harnessing electrical design capabilities with robotic and PLC programming knowledge, this service offers comprehensive Automation System Engineering for sophisticated control and operation. Expect seamless integration and enhanced efficiency in industrial automation, tailored for the demands of modern production environments.

Industrial Manufacturing and Production

Our expertise streamlines paper industry operations, automates CNC machines for precision work, and optimizes material flow with advanced handling systems. We boost factory efficiency with supportive auxiliary systems and integrate robotic cells for smarter production.

Prototypes and Proof of Concept

Specializing in the development of prototypes and proof of concept models, our facility is not just a hub of ideas but also a center of manufacturing and production. We bring concepts to life with tangible models, providing a full spectrum from theoretical design to practical execution.

X-in-Loop Systems

We specialize in HIL, MIL, and SIL simulations, delivering thorough validation and verification with test automation at every development phase. Our experience with in-house built system-level HIL machines showcase our capability, complemented by extensive experience with third-party vendors for versatile, real-world application.

Test Device Development and Manufacturing

We craft test devices with precision and practicality, blending in-house development with robust manufacturing. Specializing in creating reliable, user-friendly test equipment, we ensure every device meets stringent quality standards for dependable performance in real-world applications.

Cabinet production

Our custom cabinet production merges craftsmanship with functionality, delivering tailor-made solutions for any industrial need. Each cabinet is built with precision, designed to meet both the aesthetic and practical demands of our clients, ensuring durability and seamless integration into their operational spaces.

Small Batch Production

Specializing in small batch production, we offer personalized attention to detail and quality. This focused approach allows for flexibility, swift turnaround, and customization that large-scale operations can't match, ensuring your niche requirements are met with precision and care.

CI/CD in Industrial Landscape

Elevating the industrial landscape, we integrate CI/CD processes with PLC and robotics expertise. Our approach enhances efficiency through Unit Testing and Test Automation, ensuring continuous improvement and delivery that keeps production ahead of the curve with minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

Testing Solutions

Our consulting services offer expert guidance on advanced testing solutions, optimizing your processes with industry-leading practices. We focus on enhancing reliability, efficiency, and quality in your testing protocols, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of innovation with well-crafted, sustainable strategies.

Machine reconstructions and modernizations

We revitalize industrial operations with expert machine reconstructions and modernizations, merging process and material handling know-how. Our services breathe new life into equipment, boosting efficiency, extending lifespan, and incorporating the latest technologies to meet contemporary manufacturing demands.

Robotic Systems

Our robotic systems services transform production floors with cutting-edge automation. We design, integrate, and maintain bespoke robotic solutions that enhance precision, accelerate workflows, and improve safety. By adopting our advanced robotics, clients experience a significant uptick in productivity and a future-proofed approach to manufacturing.

Quality Assurance 

OTX Solution's Quality Assurance services stand as the guardian of excellence, ensuring that every product and process meets the highest standards. We employ meticulous testing protocols and continuous oversight to uphold quality, consistency, and reliability, giving our clients the confidence that their operations run at peak performance.

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